Tuesday, December 22, 2009


Not a little bit good... I mean this is REALLY REALLY GOOD.

To make it taste it's best, it takes just a bit of effort... but it is soooo worth it.

First, a little foreign language lesson... In Italian, bruschetta is pronounced "brus'ketta". The noun "bruschetta" is from the verb in the Roman dialect "bruscare", meaning "to roast over coals".

And now a sociology lesson... Again, in Italy, bruschetta is thought of as a "poor man's" pizza. In it's simplest version, bruschetta is simply a thick slice of bread (even most poor Italians have access to bread), toasted with a little Olive Oil (again, even poor Italians keep Olive Oil in their pantry), rubbed with garlic (in Italy, garlic is like Chicken Man in the United States... "He's everywhere, he's everywhere... "Buck-buck-buck-buuuuuck"), and if the family is just a little poor, topped with some chopped tomato. In the United States, this simple "poor man's pizza" has become an expensive appetizer in fancy dancy restaurants. Snooty waiters will turn up their nose and correct your pronunciation while they add goat cheese, carmelized onions, prosciutto ham, anchovies and just about anything else you can imagine.

Well, armed with all the basic ingredients (bread, olive oil and garlic), today I will teach you how to make a redneck "poor man's pizza"...

I had some leftover marinara sauce from Boys Night IN - BBQ Fried/Baked MEATBALLS and a little Spaghetti. Feel free to add some store bought jar sauce, but whenever I go to the trouble of making a sauce, I will freeze small amounts for just such an occasion as this.

I had some leftover cherry tomatoes from Ribs 101.1 - Class, we are making QUESADILLAS from LEFTOVERS.

I like the snap of a sharp provolone cheese. But a bit of Cheddar or even Velveeta would work as well.

And finally, about a half a cup of "flap Meat" diced up RIBS! If you missed the first class in of Ribs 101 - Class, we are making SPARERIBS !!!, click the link and read about flap meat from spareribs.

Unfortunately, I do not have step by step photos, but in just a few easy steps, you will have a terrific lunch, appetizer or even light dinner... Here we go...
  1. Thick slice the bread... maybe an inch thick.
  2. generously drizzle olive oil on each side of the bread
  3. toast in a heavy frying pan
  4. rub on a clove of garlic on both sides
  5. meanwhile, have ready HOT (microwave) marinara sauce and rib meat
  6. add a layer of sauce to the top of the bread slice
  7. add a layer of rib meat
  8. top with some freshly grated provolone cheese
  9. broil for 6 minutes, or till the cheese is melted
  10. top with the tomatoes
  11. listen to your family say .... OHHHHH AHHHHH

So class, in summing up, we have made a main course meal of SPARERIBS. But, because spareribs have not only the "main" rib section, but also a "flap meat" section, we have been able to make a snack (quesadillas), we have taken a classic side dish and stepped it up a bunch of notches (pork and beans) and today we learned to make an expensive restaurant quality appetizer (Bruschetta).

But students, we are not finished yet... stay tuned for SEVERAL more days as we continue the leftover class. I still have plenty of meat left.

Spareribs... doesn't have a song, doesn't have a press agent like Baby back ribs. But it sure does stretch your food dollars.

Class dismissed, see you tomorrow!


  1. I love how you are going through these ribs piece by piece and giving us recipes until all of it is used up. Way to get the most bang for your buck.

    I love bruschetta. Especially in the summer with fresh tomatoes. But this one looks fantastic as well! And it really is amazing how much restaurants will charge for some tomatoes on a slice of bread. Ludacris!

  2. Hubby would really go for this! Looks delicious!

  3. OOOHHH! AHHHH! Looks good to me. I'm a big fan of the summertime version. This is an excellent way to bring it to this season. Good call!

  4. I could get down on that, looks wicked good! Way to use those leftovers. Heh.

  5. One of my favorites for less than a meal, more than a snack!

  6. I love is GREAT!!! recipe using leftovers. Sounds and looks WONDERFUL!!!

  7. I learned something from Wolfgang Puck's Live Love Eat book (think that's how the name goes) earlier this year for his version of bruschetta. He toasts (or grilled in my case) the bread FIRST then lightly brushes it with olive oil. The result is a crisper base for the bruschetta. I've never done it that way before but it worked really well for me.

  8. I've never broiled bruschetta, but that is a good idea!

  9. This sounds sooo good. What a great way to use left over ribs. You're the bomb!!!

  10. I swear bruschetta is just about the best stuff on earth! Pure genius! For me, it's right up there with Insalata Caprese. :D

  11. lookin good. I'm sure glad I signed up for this class.

  12. Top shelf bruschetta. Puts all the other bruchettas to shame.