Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Ribs 101.4 - Class, REDNECK CUPCAKES, Yeap, Ribs in Cuppcakes

It's day 5 of my series on RIBS... Spareribs in specific.

On day one, Ribs 101 - Class, we are making SPARERIBS !!! We made two (only two, really) racks of spareribs. I went into detail about how to do a Saint Louis cut so that you have 2 great racks of ribs, and we learned about "FLAP MEAT". Flap meat is the extra meat from the trim. Flap meat has all the great taste of ribs, and can be used in lots of ways as ingredients in leftovers. It is very important you know about "FLAP MEAT" for leftovers, so if you need a refresher course, go back to RIBS 101 before we proceed.

On day two, we started making leftover recipes... Ribs 101.1 - Class, we are making QUESADILLAS from LEFTOVERS

On day three, we redefined a classic, Pork and Beans... Ribs 101.2 - Class, It's Pork and BEANS - The Best You've Ever Had

On day four, we took control of expensive appetizers... Ribs 101.3 - Class, REDNECK APPETIZERS today - BRUSCHETTA

Are you convinced yet that Ribs taste great, but just as importantly, SPARERIBS provide a great tasting rack of ribs AND are economical because of all the wonderful thing you can do with ribs as an ingredient? So far, 2 racks, bought them on sale for $1.89 a pound, cost was less than $15 and I have made 4 meals... today is meal 5 (and we aren't close to done yet).

Today, we are entertaining friends. Our neighbors are leaving for a week to visit friends for the holidays. I used this opportunity for a quick little send-off for their trip and a chance to wish Merry Christmas.

And nothing says Merry Christmas like...

Beer Bread...Good
BBQ Sauce...Good
Provolone Cheese...Good

As with all recipes, first thing to do is assemble the ingredients...

For the bread, you need...

1 bottle of Killian's Irish red Beer (any beer will work, I like Killian's)
3 cups sifted flour
3 teaspoons baking powder
1/4 cup sugar
1 teaspoon Kosher salt

SIFT the Flour... Let me repeat, SIFT the flour. Beer bread is a very dense. If you do not sift the flour, this recipe will turn into a brick very fast.

Then combine all the dry ingredients and mix well before adding room temperature beer, and mix well again.

Prepare your muffin tin, spray n some canola oil so the muffins don't stick. Plop the beer bread mixture into your muffin tin...

Bake at 375 degrees (preheated oven) for 45 minutes.

And while that is baking, split a bottle of wine with your friends, laugh and joke and when you get a spare 5 minutes, work on the icing...

Dice up about 2 cups loosely packed RIB FLAP MEAT. I was only making 4 cupcakes, 1/2 cup meat per muffin. Heat in a microwave. Before heating, add 1/4 cup of your favorite BBQ sauce. Heat away. A little tip, cover with a paper towel while heating, or your wife will have to clean out the microwave (or worse, you will).

When the muffins are done, cut the tops of the muffins off (snacks for the cook or save for a small dish of bread pudding). Top with the meat/BBQ sauce mixture.

Next, top the hot meat mixture with grated provolone cheese.

Put these under the broiler until the cheese melts and looks pretty (dare I say, looks like icing... nah)

OK, in shape they are certainly cupcakes (actually muffins). But in taste... a terrific combination! VERY well received, VERY tasty! They are like a beer bread sandwich with ribs and cheese, just served in a form suitable for entertaining. Something just a little special from the ordinary for guests. I served these with some of the beans I made earlier in the week. And, something special that I will be blogging about soon (yep... the something special has RIBS as an ingredient)...

So, just how many meals can I get out of 2 racks ($15 worth) of RIBS???

Come back tomorrow (and the next day and the next and who knows how many more)... It's almost hypnotic.


  1. So if by REDNECK cupcakes you actually mean heaven-in-a-cupcake wrapper. Then yes I agree. These look amazing! Such an original idea.

  2. You're making me regret not doing my pork ribs on Christmas eve...

  3. I had to come see what you were cooking when I saw the title. These sound scrumptious! You are doing a great job stretching those ribs into many yummy meals!

  4. Ingenious! Reminds me of the "Bbq sundae" in which you stack beans, slaw, and pork in a sundae dish.

  5. Wow! These cupcakes look very tasty! I've noticed that you mention Killians in almost every post. I'll have to see if I can get my hands a bottle to try it.

  6. Yeah, I admit-I checked this out as soon as I saw the title :)

    Very clever and would work with a host of meats, eh?

  7. I can't eat the base, but I'd definitely go for the meat and cheese! They look awesome.

    Merry Christmas, Dave! Hope you and your family have a wonderful holiday, and a fantastic New Year!

  8. Hey, I live in Soddy Daisy, Tn, you know we'd like some redneck cupcakes here!

  9. This is so male...,..yet note how many females are kvelling over them.

  10. Love anything in cupcake form! These are terrific!

  11. Dave, these are ingenious and I'll wager a real crowd pleaser!

  12. oh gosh..these look AWESOME! *drools*

  13. I'm keeping tabs on all of these recipes for the next time the hubby makes ribs. I'm not a big fan of leftover ribs in their original form, and all your leftover ideas look splendid!