Thursday, December 31, 2009

Beer Batter Sesame ONION RINGS

I normally like to post a photo of my finished product as the first photo you see on my postings. But today... Doesn't that shot wet your appetite for what is to come???

First, exciting news in my blog world... I have been invited to be a weekly regular guest blogger on oUrkRaZyKiTcHeN! If you have never been to Our Krazy Kitchen, it is a fun site that uses the talents of 6 very accomplished individual cooks and bloggers who rotate posting about simple recipes or new recipes or desserts or baking or whatever happens to excite the poster that day.

Come take a look today to support my new adventure, be sure to leave a comment so the girls don't think they made a hideous mistake. Then, take a look through their archives and if you like the idea of the 7 of us, bookmark us, follow us, tweat us or just plan on coming back again! Today, I posted of my first experience with PUFF PASTRY. I share the thrill I receive every time I discover that... I CAN COOK THAT!!!

OK, it takes a little effort, but these are the best onion rings I have ever eaten.

As always, first, assemble the ingredients...

2 onions, sliced about 1/4 inch thick and separated into rings
3 cups flour (separated into two batches)
2 TBS Sesame Seeds (I used a mix of white and black seeds)
1 TBS kosher Salt
1 bottle of Killians Irish Red beer (well, not the whole bottle, and feel free to use your own personal beer of choice)
Enough Canola oil to fill 3/4 inch of your heavy frying pan

Mix 2 cups of the flour and the Sesame seeds and salt together in a bowl. Add enough beer to make a pancake like batter.

Heat your oil up. Do the water drop test to see if it is hot enough. Sprinkle a couple drops of water into the oil. If it pops and splatters, it is ready (JUST A COUPLE DROPS).

Set up a little assembly line, or your kitchen will be a mess, and your wife will be pissed (or worse than that, you will have to clean up yourself).
  • Coat a few rings in the set aside 1 cup of flour.
  • Coat in the batter
  • Fry em up. Like Julia says about mushrooms, "Don't crowd the rings".
  • They cook fast, flip them after 2 minutes, and finish with a second 2 minute cook
  • Remove from the oil and let them drain on a couple paper towels
  • Try to eat just one
I paired these with yesterday's Bacon Wrapped CHICKEN CALZONE (again).

What do you think...

How long would a plate of these last at your New Year's eve party???

How about that Super Bowl party next month (go Saints)???

I even bet a big batch of these at the next church potluck would tempt a few teetoatalers. Strike a blow for liberty and make more Beer Batter Sesame Onion Rings!!!


  1. I know I couldnt eat just one, and I know Id do the same thing with the leftover beer;)

    Happy New Year to you!

  2. These look wonderful. I just dropped by to say hello and wish you a Happy New Year. I include you in the list of cooking friends I've made this year. I really do enjoy your company. Have a great day.

  3. Onion rings are one of my guilty pleasures. I would definitely be eating the whole plate.

    Congrats on joining Our Krazy Kitchen! I love that site. I will have to check out your posts!

    Happy New Year Dave!

  4. Love onion rings! I like how you added sesame seeds! Great idea.

  5. Those look mighty good.
    Congrats on your new job as guest blogger. I will check it out.
    Happy New Year!

  6. Looks like a deep frying epidemic has hit! Me, you, who's next? Happy New Year!

  7. This is droolworthy....really :)

    happy new year!

  8. *drool* Onion rings are one of my most favorite foods. I can taste these as I read! YUMMY! Have a Happy New Year.

  9. Congratulations! And wow, sesame seeds with the onion rings. Love the idea!

  10. Oh man, these onion rings look great! I agree with the "Go Saints". I was sorry to see them lose their winning streak!

  11. I really need to get a deep fryer soon! Those look really good. I definitely prefer a beer battered onion ring. I went somewhere and got corn meal battered rings and they were weird, I couldn't stand them.

  12. I love onions but hubby can't have beer. What do I do?

  13. Oh yum! A juicy burger, some crispy onion rings and a Sex on the Beach. The cocktail! Our beaches are full of snow and something might get frost bite!

  14. Heh, I don't think a plate of those would make it to my party, I'd definitely eat them all myself first.

  15. I love it! I put beer in batter for tempura and it makes the final product absolutely crispy!

  16. I don't think I'd serve them at a party, because then I would have to share.

    Happy New Year!!

  17. Great, now another thing I have to deep fat fry tonight! I don't like onions, but love onion rings - go figure!

    HAPPY NEW YEAR TO YOU AND JACKIE! and congrat on the new gig - I'll check it out.

  18. Yum! I love onion rings, but it seems like we're always on a diet. Some day I'll be able to just pop some onion rings in the pan to fry at home :-)

  19. IS it OK to drive after I've eaten a plate full of these? Will I pass the breath test? I could not stop at a few! Can't wait to try them! HAPPY NEW YEAR!

  20. Looks yummy!

    Have a Happy New Year!

  21. Wish I could help you out with KC bloggers, but I don't have any connections there. We will work on that this year, okay. Congrats on Krazy Kitchen. I post here sometimes myself. You are a brave person...a lone (well, sort of) man in a girls world. Proud of you!

  22. Onion rings, big YUM! A plate? A PLATTER!!

    Congratulations on joining Our Krazy Kitchen. Will have to add them to my list of blogs I visit.

    Wishing you the very best of 2010.

  23. OMG!!! Onion rings, it seems like forever that I have not enjoyed them. Yours looks really good. Perfect with a good grilled burger or steak.
    Congrats on your regular blog post with our Krazy kitchen-I am going to check it out.

    Happy New Year to you and Jackie-So glad that I have discovered your blog.

  24. I LOVE onion rings but have never made them at home - you're inspiring me! Off to check out your Our Krazy Kitchen :)