Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Recipe #7 - Main Course - Redneck Cake

Greetings and I am in Pulled Pork Heaven. Yesterday I asked for hints about what to do with 10 plus pounds of left over pulled pork. I am certainly going to freeze a bit. But also, I started considering the possibilities. In my on going efforts to clean out my pantry, I took a look. As part of a fundraiser for her school, my niece sold me several packages of beer bread mix. Not sure what happened to the old band candy i used to have to sell, but fortunately, she sold beer bread mix. I conveniently always have a spare bottle of George Killian's Irish Red Beer (or twelve) in the fridge. I started thinking of the possibilities. In checking my cheese drawer, I found half a package of excellent provolone cheese that I had used for the Pork Chop Calzones from a few days ago. A little effort later, and I have the perfect left over Pulled Pork recipe.

Recipe is fairly easy, Make a beer bread, instead of baking in a loaf pan, spread out in a large casserole dish. Obviously, with the thinner layer of bread, cut the baking time down a few minutes. Keep an eye on it during the last 10 minutes so that it does not get over done.

Layer about an inch of the left over pulled pork, heated up in skillet (or microwave...purists be danged)
cover with about 1/2 bottle of a good Carolina Sweet BBQ sauce. I had about that much left of some very good, readily available in your grocery store, Sticky Fingers Carolina Sweet.
finally, add a generous sprinkling of thinly cut provolone cheese.
I put this under the broiler for about 3 minutes to melt the cheese.

And there you go. It is just as good as it sounds!
It is a cake made for the redneck in all of us...

Beer ...Good
Beer Bread...Good
Pulled Pork...Good
Sweet Carolina BBQ sauce...Good
Provolone Cheese...Good

Finished product...Redneck Cake...GREAT

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