Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Mission Statement part 2

Well, yesterday was a washout... Literally. I had big grilling plans, but the weather was not cooperative. So, a party has been put off til Wednesday.

Since I don't have any grilling items to blog about, I want to add a bit to my mission statement from yesterday. As I said, I have looked over quite a few blogs from other cooks. I am starting to get a hand of things that I like.

Mostly, I like an active blog. Take a look at the column to the right, and you will see a great many blogs. The top of the lists are the ones that have posted the most recent. The bottom are rarely posting, or potentially dead blogs. So, I will do my best to post a bit more often. Not saying every day, but certainly a couple of times a week.

I like blogs that have photos. Not just stock photos (like the lightning shot), but photos of whatever project being blogged about, as well as photos of people's life's. So, again, not necessarily every blog will have photos, but as many as I can will.

I like blogs that show the writer's personality. I can certainly do that.

I like blogs that have a progression that I can follow. I am numbering my recipes (with a goal of 365 original), I am numbering my parties, with a goal of 52... get it, 365 recipes, 52 parties, title of the blog is "My Year in the Grill").

And finally, I want to have a measurable means to achieving my end goal. Not just the numbers, but the goal of getting better. One thing I do not care for are blogs from self proclaimed experts. Especially experts that don't have the credentials. If they are that good, write a book, get published, go on TV. Blogs are the home world of the worker bees; not the queens.

Towards that end, I have a plan that I will announce in my next posting that will force me to challenge myself. Along the way, I am going to eat good, play well with others and get better.

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