Monday, July 27, 2009

Pulled Pork and Sweet Corn

It was a good day on the smoker. Have to be honest, I knew the limitations of my former smoker (an offset barrel), and I have never attempted a Smoked Pork Butt (Shoulder) before. Whenever I made one, I simply put it in a roaster and set the temp and forgot it. But, as I posted a month ago, I recently upgraded to a wonderful GOOD-ONE Smoker. As expected, it was very easy and worth the effort.

I started at about 6 PM, with 20 pounds of meat. Here's a theme you may start to recognize, the Butt was on sale, and it cost less than a dollar a pound. What a deal! The smoker got to temp easy. The purists among you may shudder, but I chose to inject the meat. I had a jar of Cajun Injector, Creole Butter in the pantry. It worked great, and I honestly can not imagine making this without the injector. i am not a competitive smoker, just a guy in his back yard that likes to serve his efforts to his friends. Injecting the meat takes a lot of the risks out of cooking this product. Just to make the purists shudder more, I happily used the Texas crutch to finish the cooking process. I am not filled with pride, but the morning after, I certainly am full of great tasting pork.

The rub I used is a hybrid. I am all into cleaning out my pantry of those half empty jars and creating a once in a life time combination. I had about 3 ounces of a local Kansas city favorite, Rub Me Tender Rib Rub about. Certainly not enough for a good rubbing on it's own, so I added about 6 ounces of ground coffee, and I added the entire 4 ounces of Cajun Shake spice seasonings that came with the Cajun Injector as a freebie. This worked GREAT!

The Good One Smoker worked great. It held the temp perfectly. I added a bit more coal at each 2 hour break, resisted the urge to take a peak, and settled in for a night of on line poker with adding coal scheduled every 2 hours. At 2 AM, I went to bed with a full glass of milk (I am old). the full glass worked it's way through my system to my bladder in about 5 hours. I rushed down to the smoker and was thrilled that the temp had only dropped from 225 to 215 in that time. I easily got it back to temperature of 225. Adding a small bit of new coal each 2 hours, the temp was maintained for the entire 18 hour process very nicely. Something that is nearly impossible (considering the amount of effort I am willing to do) on my old offset cooker.

Moist tender, amazing (in all humility)

Don't you wish you were here for Sunday dinner... What could make it better?

How about smoked stuffed Banana Peppers and

Smoked Sweet corn with some Garlic parsley Butter!

Our neighbors came over for some pulled pork sandwiches, but I still have about 15 pounds of leftovers...

What do you all do with Pulled Pork the next day???


  1. Makes great hash. It'll freeze well too. Freeze in sealable sandwich bags, good for a portion or two. Also, the purists will be alarmed, I reheat it in the microwave.

  2. I am a Carolina native...pulled pork is in my blood. Looks scrumptious!