Friday, June 1, 2012

You've seen this sandwich before, but I improved on it...

Today's post is a tip, tomorrow will be a recipe

 Dramatic presentation...

Ooozing and gushing with...

Pulled Pork
Provolone Cheese
Cole Slaw
Raspberry Chipotle (my own) BBQ sauce
on a fresh made Bread Wreath

What could be better???

Look close at the next two photos...

See the difference???

I hollowed out the top of the "bun" so that it was an easier to eat sandwich (and held more of the good stuff).

BUT  with the bread, it was just enough to make a...

Pulled Pork Savory BREAD PUDDING from the leftovers!

Now THAT's a BETTER SANDWICH when you make it easier to stuff more of the good stuff in, make it easier to eat AND have a beauty of a breakfast...

Come back tomorrow for the recipe to the puddin!


  1. What an awesome looking sandwich....

  2. I love the round loaf and the idea of hollowing out the bread makes great sense. As a sandwich guy, I'd be all over that.

  3. Oh my goodness...I want a big ol' slice of that beautiful sammich!

  4. Sub sandwiches always have too much bread for me so sometimes I hollow out the bread like that when I remember to do it. The other times, I forget and then think about it while eating the sandwich when it's too late.