Thursday, May 31, 2012

Grilling Asparagus

Just a quicky tip today...

I LOVE asparagus, but always had a tough time grilling them.  They roll around, many end up rolling through the grate and getting an even cook was tough.  Some were burnt (caramelized when i lie to my wife), some still too hard, not cooked enough.

Then I found this tip... Soak several toothpicks in olive oil.  this way they slide into the hard raw asparagus easily.

Put five pieces of asparagus on the toothpick, then repeat on the other end so you have something you can move with a set of tongs.

Easy to keep an eye on them.  easy to plate and much easier to get a perfect batch of grilled asparagus every time!


  1. That's brilliant Dave! I've thought of buying one of those veggie grill pans, but am too cheap - love the toothpick idea! :D

  2. We're big fans of grilled asparagus and I like the tip

  3. I've done the toothpick trick many times but never knew the oil tip, thanks!