Friday, July 8, 2011

Watermelon Shark - The Great Faces of South Dakota

How can you not love these faces...

Either set...

Our South Dakota adventure ended yesterday with a miserable 13 hour drive home.  But before that, we had a great time!

We saw 8 of the greatest faces in the state!

4 in stone...
3 in smiles...

and one in watermelon!

We spent the week mostly eating out.  But this was my contribution to the Fourth of July festival in Winner, SD (one of the great places) with 3 of those great faces of South Dakota!

There is only one small complicated part of getting this look.  

Slice a big hunk out for the mouth, and then score a one inch area around each lip to form the teeth.  

Slice a small bit off the bottom so the shark face sits flat.

Add some marbles (or block olives (sharks have black eyes) for eyes!

South Dakotans (South Dakotites???) are not known for using melon ballers, but we had enough teaspoon measuring spoons to make up for the preferred ball shape of the melon.

Busy hands made for quick work

And since 1/4 of the watermelon was taken up with the teeth presentation, someone had to deal with the left overs!

One other suggestion, the teeth are a little delicate.  The zig zag carving is very easy, but save that part for just before serving.  Lots of fingers going in and out of the mouth can knock a few teeth out.

But a few toothpicks fix everything!

The 8 GREAT Faces of South Dakota!



  1. That is quite the collection of faces!!!

  2. Great job on the melon - it would have never occurred to me to do that and it looks like you had some good helpers.

  3. Oh my gosh, so fun! My three favorite faces would love this as well =)

  4. That is one cute melon created by some very cute kids.

    Welcome home.


  5. Aww they are adorable! I probably would never have left if I was you.

  6. What a brilliant idea! I love all the faces especially the 3 cute ones!

  7. Aw, adorable - the kids and the watermelon.