Thursday, July 21, 2011

Let's Drink to Arnold Palmer !!!

Here's how I had fun in the sun yesterday (we topped 100 degrees)

You are about to learn more than you ever wanted to know about the Arnold Palmer Drink.

The basic Arnold Palmer is simplicity in itself...

Make some Tea
Make some Lemonade
Add ice cubes to a glass
Pour the glass half full with Tea
Top off the glass with Lemonade

Sweeten as you like.

But wait, there's more... How about an Arnold Palmer Cocktail

  • If you add a shot of Rum, you have a Dirty Palmer
  • If you add a shot of Vodka, you have a Dirty Arnie
  • If you add a shot of Cointreau, you have a Dirty Florida Golfer
    This last one I made up... I was out of Vodka and the bottle of Cointreau was calling to my inner inspiration... And I like the name!

But wait, there's more... Sweet Tea makes a different drink...

I made some very strong sun tea using just 4 cups of water and three of the large family size Luzianne tea bags, left in the sun for 3 hours (OK, a little long, but I forgot about it).

Next, I made a "simple Syrup"
5 Cups Sugar added to 3 Cups Water
Slowly bring to boil, add slices of one lemon and a spig of mint
Remove from heat, allow to cool and strain

I added 2 cups of Simple Sugar to the STRONG Tea

And if you have ever had real Southern Sweet Tea (The house wine of the South), you know that there is no comparing a glass of fresh brewed sweet tea compared to a glass of Northern sweetened tea.  It's just a different drink.

OK, stay with me, that is actually too much simple syrup for the tea.  BUT I also made real fresh lemonade...

Juice of 6 lemons (1 Cup)
3 Cups Water
1 cup of the Simple Sugar
Mix well
Add slices from 1 lemon
Allow to rest for 2 hours while the oils from the lemon rind infuse into the L-ade

And now, finally here's what I did...

I filled a glass with ice
filled half the glass with Sweet tea
Filled the rest of the way up with Lemonade
Mixed and enjoyed!

This in fact is not an Arnold Palmer drink.  When made with Souther Sweet tea in place of Northern Sweetened tea it is called a Winnie Palmer (named for Arnie's wife)

That's about enough...

Come back tomorrow to see something amazing (food-wise) I made with this!

So that's what I did to beat the heat...

What are you serving that's cool and refreshing...

Come over to and share your ideas.  It's easy to post and just as easy to surf around and find some equally amazing cool ideas...

Bet you'll be inspired too!

And you will find this recipe and more on!




  1. I am a fan of Arnold Palmers - the drink. I had no idea about all of the variations but I espeically like the one you made up...crazy, crazy Dave!

  2. This is my wifes go to drink! Great fact about Winnies tea, maybe I'll try asking for that next time I'm out for dinner. This would be a great drink to link up to my friday night drinks linky....just sayin:)
    Thanks for sharing!

  3. Thanks for stopping by my blog today. It's nice to "meet" you! Took a look at ... considering submitting some posts. BTW - love me some Arnold Palmers!!

  4. I love Arnold Palmers! Definitely trying out the mixed drinks! Thanks for following my blog.

  5. Dave, heres the link to the party! I will definetely check out ecards, It sounds like a great idea.

  6. When I was a kid, we mixed homemade lemonade and iced tea and I didn't even know it had a name. I'll have to try it spiked.

  7. Something alcoholic and delicious sounds perfect to me right now. It's been one of those nights.

  8. I never heard of an Arnold Palmer until we had lunch with Katherine (commented above) a few years ago. Now it's one of Alexis' favorites.

  9. Rum makes everything better doesn't it Dave.

  10. Thnx for stopping by .....Arnold palmer looks tempting and and all the variations are superb...

  11. My son fell in love with Arnold Palmers during one of our trips South of the border. heaven forbid he just make his own! He thinks you are a genius (don't let it go to your head!) especially the frozen AP you make! I am sure he will still want to buy the big jug of AP when we head South but for now, he will make his own!!