Friday, July 22, 2011

Dirty Florida Golfer SORBET - Almost a Dirty Arnie Sorbet

Oh my... I just love bloggers...

Last week, over at the Mystery Lover's Kitchen, I saw a post on a Porch Swing Sorbet written by their resident ice cream maven... Wendy Lyn Watson.

Wendy has lots of Ice cream chops (lives in Texas... I hear it's going to be hot somewhere around Texas this week).  Wendy is the author of the "Mystery Ala Mode" series.  Murder mysteries centered around a Texas ice cream parlor and the workers in the shop.  Now, doesn't that sound like a "cool" job (groovy and temperature).  I just finished her latest book, "A Parfait Murder" and it was terrific fun summer read.  Felt 10 degrees cooler with every page.

Aside from the fact that I have a natural distrust of Vegetarians, Wendy is winning me over as one of my favorite from the MLK.  I just bought my first ice cream maker ($2 at a garage sale).  So I pay very close attention to her every post.  She also submits her recipes to (have I mentioned that site lately???).  Click that button and you can easily find the recipes she has submitted, as well as direct links to her posts on Mystery Lover's Kitchen.

OK, a long way of saying, I was intrigued by her post.  A sorbet is not an ice cream at all.  No cream, no dairy.  It is more frozen juices.  Wendy's post on her Porch Swing Sorbet had iced tea as the main ingredient (with a smidgen of lemon juice.

Well, my wife's favorite drink right now is an Arnold Palmer.  See my post yesterday for the complicated recipe with home made southern sweet tea and fresh made real lemon lemonade. The easy recipe... get some lemonade, get some tea, mix 50.50, sweeten as you like and serve over ice.  When I saw Wendy's recipe, I had in my head to give an ARNOLD PALMER SORBET a try.

OK, back th loving bloggers...

I am new at ice cream, and VERY new at sorbet.  Meaning, i had a few questions.  I made an inquiry on the Mystery Lover's Kitchen page, and fast as you can say, "Bob's your Uncle", Wendy got back with me with a few suggestions.  

One I was very happy to oblige.  Here's the secret to a sorbet... Booze and sugar.  really, booze and sugar helps get a creamy soft sorbet.  Without B&S, you get ice crystals...  basically a big ball of flavored ice.

OK, remembering yesterday's post, you can doctor up an Arnold Palmer by using southern made Sweet Tea (making it a Winnie Palmer (much sweeter than an Arnold Palmer... Winnie is Arnie's wife BTW).  I indeed had Sweet tea (as opposed to sweetened tea... not the same).

But I was encouraged to add booze to the mix (I LOVE Wendy).  A shot of vodka would be normal, but I was out of vodka  (the drink, BTW with a shot of vodka is called a Dirty Arnie).  Another common drink is a dirty Palmer, using a shot of Rum..  A funny thing happened on the way to the liquor cabinet.  I had to move my bottle of Cointreau to get at my bottle rum.

HMMM... It's just too hot to move all those bottles... So Cointreau it is!!!

And besides, doing a little research, I couldn't find a named drink recipe for an Arnold Palmer with a shot of Cointreau, so I get to name it... The Dirty Florida Golfer

But since I ran everything through my ice cream maker, I give you...

The Dirty Florida Golfer Sorbet...

1 1/2 cups Sweet Tea
1/2 cups Sweetened Lemonade
1 shot of Cointreau

Combine, run through an ice cream maker as directed

Mine did need to set up over night in the freezer, but by morning it was a delightful spoonable soft almost creamy consistency.  but certainly something that easily held it;s shape.

I have made a pitcher of Arnold Palmers (my wife's favorite after work drink) just about every week this summer, and certainly during the last few miserable days.  This was a wonderful treat to go with a glass.

Thanks Wendy... and i have plans for a recipe from your latest book that i will be serving very soon.  So expect a review and more glowing accolades to come!



  1. looks cool...Perfect for the summers.....

  2. Because of you, I was able to answer a question about what an Arnold Palmer is today on our lab hike. I think that just may have bought me some friends. :P

    Yay for the ice cream maker and for this ice cream!

  3. That looks delicious Dave!! Hope you and Jackie have a great weekend!

  4. Doesn't this look fabulous, especially with all this heat.

  5. Yum! If you like food-related murder mysteries, you should definitely check out Joanne Fluke's books. The series starts with "Chocolate Chip Cookie Murder" and currently ends with "Deviled Food Cake Murder." A very good read!

  6. I figured I should probably follow your blog since I'm so active on the eRC site. =) Thanks for all the hard work you put into it!


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  8. Cool blog. Thank you for the follow, I have followed, added your button and a link.


  9. Can't wait to try this with Aperol. Have you had it? It is my new favorite summer drink, but this version looks even better...dessert and a drink in one! Thanks for stopping by my blog too...hope you'll visit again sometime. I've bookmarked yours as well. We share the same home town, and I LOVE BBQ (who wouldn't here in KC). Cheers!