Thursday, January 27, 2011

Snap peas with Garlic and Shaved Almonds

I made these as a side dish for Pecan Crusted Catfish last week.

The beautiful thing about snap peas is that they taste great raw.  So, only way to mess em up is to over cook them.  Seriously, this is a 5 minute dish.


1 TBS Canola Oil in a pan...

Add 2 TBS smashed minced Garlic
Saute for a few minutes until the oil gets fragrant.
Add almond slivers
and add the beans...

A little of that fancy pan flip maneuver you see on TV and 3 minutes later, they are done.

Just that fast.  If they don't have a snap to their bite, you cooked them too long.



  1. OMG that photo is fantastic! I want to eat it all! Yum!

  2. This recipe was too long.


    I love the color and texture this easy side brings to any plate.