Friday, January 14, 2011

Orange Juice Marinated Steelhead Salmon

Isn't this just about the prettiest color for a piece of salmon you have ever seen???  No camera tricks, this is how it came out.  My local underpriced grocery store had a HUGE sale on FRESH unfrozen steelhead salmon.  A real treat for Kansas, as the signs advertised that these fillets were flown in fresh from Oregon that morning.  So it was no contest to see what my weekly fish dish was going to be.

Only question was how to prepare.  Now, I've done my share of salmon in the past.  But generally, I was using the fresh frozen inexpensive cuts that came from the discount grocery big box stores.  Certainly "good enough", but usually best when flavored and seasoned.  you know, mustard encrusted type recipes.

But this little beauty screamed out for something special.  Something subtle, just enough to accent the flavor of the fish without becoming the taste.

So, here's todays fish tip...

Fish Tip #2 
On those rare occasions when you splurge (or get a great sale) and have the best quality, treat it with respect.  Cook so the fish shines (in taste).  And this includes cooking by temperature not time...  

This recipe has just enough flavors to enhance.  the honey will sweeten, while the orange will get the beautiful deep orange color.  The short marinating time also keep the salmon taste.  I used a remote temperature prob to cook the fish to an internal temperature to ONLY 140 degrees, and no warmer.  Do not over cook this fish, as no matter how much you pay, overcooked fish has been robbed of it's taste and delicate texture...

1/2 cup Orange Juice
1/4 cup Honey
1/4 cup reduced sodium Soy Sauce
1 TBS Olive Oil

Whisk together the ingredients and seal in a plastic bag along with a 1 pound Salmon Fillet for 1 hour, turning several times.

Bake at 350 degrees until you reach an internal temperature of 140 degrees (took me about 30 minutes).

I served this with a beautiful batch of fresh made creamed spinach.  I felt so healthy!



  1. Hi Dave,
    We just treated ourselves to salmon the other day, so good. I like your marinade and will have to give it a go on our next batch of salmon I found at our grocers. Some good ole sockeye salmon! I can answer your questions about the market...
    *If it's not too personal, how are you making money???*
    I hope to make some! There will be some business expenses in this first year as I set up the business but think it will be great fun and quite the learning experience.

    *Are you charging for future lessons*
    I will have folks sign up and pay for the classes, they show up to the market, plop down in my tent and watch me cook up fresh produce from the market.

    *so this is a showman's setup*
    I do a great ET impersonation. The market folks believe this will attract alot of folks standing around watching the class as well. I hope to generate a bit of energy for people to want to cook some fresh foods and have a good time too.

    *Do you have product to sell, is the market paying for the attraction?*
    What's a cooking salon without stuff? I will create a few tshirts, people seem to want them. I also make Serving Boards for antipasti, Brotzeit, and small meals that I may place out. But mostly there to teach. I rent my space in the market to hold my class. But we are all helping eachother but promoting eachothers produce and products. It is a great little market!

    Thanks for asking! I have sooo much to do between now and then and it should make me run for the hills but I am excited for this challenge. I have to sort things like what kind of plates to use, how to deal with beverages, cost of class, etc. Everthing I need has to be loaded in my van, unloaded and set up and broken down again. We are talking hundreds of pounds, so even a few coolers of beverages can be a problem. OK you can stop laughing now!!

    Have a great day! Hope you are staying warm in Kansas cuz it is fah-reeee-zing here in VA.

  2. Hi Dave! I loved your comment on my souffle post yesterday...and no I was not offended in the least!

    Can you put a coffee mug in the oven to make the souffle? I'll have to try yours out soon and report back to you.

    Have a great weekend!


  3. Oh, wow! What a treat to have Steelhead and on sale! Beautiful looking fish there! :)

  4. Great tasty colour. I'm always looking for new fish recipes so will try this soon. I've never tried orange and fish so it'll be good to so something a little different.

  5. My family LOVES salmon....except me. I make it when I have to appease them. Kind of like how those islanders did with Fay Wray to keep King Kong appeased.