Monday, January 31, 2011

Breakfast Pizza with Capicola Ham and Eggs

All of 2011 will be Pizza!  Mondays are my day to post a new pizza each week for a year.   So far, so Good, starting with a Pizza Quattro Stagioni (that beautiful presentation 4 seasons pizza, ham, olives, mushrooms and artichoke hearts), followed by The Classic Pepperoni Pizza, followed by a wonderful Caramelized Onions and Peppers, Italian Sausage pizza.  Last week, I went a little outside the box with a Cheese Board Focaccia Pizza - Apple, Blue Cheese and Grilled Onions.  Along the way, I showed my "go-to" pizza dough recipe as well as my winter easy sauce recipe.

January was a fun month!

Today's pizza is my Breakfast pizza.  Raw eggs, baked on the crust and ham slices, all with a coating of thick tomato sauce and flavored with a bit of Pecorino Romano cheese and finally just a few green onions to accent.

The Capicola Ham is wonderful on this pizza.  Dry cured from a hunk of pork shoulder.  Seasoned with garlic and salt cured, it is a very powerful cold cut indeed!

OK... Here's how to make a 

Breakfast Pizza...

Crust of choice, premade or homemade 
My "go-to" pizza dough recipe)
Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Salt and Pepper
Pizza sauce of choice

my winter easy sauce recipe.
Pecorino Romano Cheese (freshly grated of course)
4 slices Capicola Ham, sliced thin

4 raw eggs
2 green onions sliced thin

  • Preheat oven and pizza stone (or heavy baking sheet) to 550 degrees for at least 30 minutes.
  • Roll your crust out on parchment paper to your likeness... Thin, Chewy or thick like a bread.
  • OK, for this pizza, commit a cardinal sin in home pizza making.  It is important to have all your ingrediends ready to top, as you take the stone out of the oven and assemble the pizza.  Work fast before it cools off too much.  Since the eggs are raw, it is nearly impossible to slide from a pizza peel without the eggs rolling off.
  • Brush Olive oil around the edges to get a beautiful Golden Brown and Delicious looking crust.
  • Salt and pepper the crust at this time
  • Layer the pizza sauce to within 1/2 inch of the edge
  • Top with the cheese..
  • add 4 slices of the ham
  • press the ham down so the edges form a slight bowl.
  • crack the eggs into the ham bowls
  • Bake for 10-12 minutes until the eggs get solid.
  • Top with the green onions and serve for breakfast!



  1. I could easily eat this pizza for breakfast-just need a good cup of coffee.

    I look forward to enjoying your blog this year with the new pizza challenge.


  2. I love seeing your pizza variations and I have truly been dying to try an egg on top of pizza. I mean, really. What DOESN'T taste better with an egg on top?

  3. OMG I could eat this for breakfast, lunch or dinner & I agree with Joanne - an egg on top makes everything better. Bravo and thanks for sharing:)

  4. Love this pizza!...Need I say more...

  5. I love breakfast pizza - need to make some again soon. And I love your choice of meat on this one - I'll have to steal it! :D