Thursday, May 6, 2010

Sizzling Garlic Shrimp - SHRIMP WEEK Day 5

Did you all have a happy Cinco de mayo???  We did... largely thanks to this wonderful (and I do mean WONDERFUL) recipe.  Inspired from a tableside presentation I saw at a St Thomas Spanish Tapas specialty restaurant.  Saw and ate, and once you try it, it will stick with you.  Dramatic presentation and lots of flavor...

Here's what I did...

Like I said, I saw this done tableside, paid close attention and asked a few questions.  Once the ingredients are chopped and ready to go, the entire recipe only takes a couple of minutes to make.  A perfect dish to cook while people are watching...

1/2 tsp dried Red Pepper Flakes
2 TBS fresh chopped Cilantro
4 TBS fresh minced Garlic
2 TBS best quality aromatic Olive Oil you can find (or afford)

Get the Olive Oil HOT... watch carefully, as you want to reach the max temp without burning.  Add the garlic, cilantro and pepper flakes to the hot oil and allow to mix with the oil.  When done right, the aroma from the pan will fill your kitchen in an instant.  the garlic and cilantro makes for a fabulous smell.  Another reason to prepare tableside (at the restaurant), or with your guests watching.  Let the drooling anticipation begin...

I used small salad size shrimp for this.  Just thaw, dry and add to the oil.  they are already precooked, so they are done in just a quick sauté... only 2 minutes is fine.  Be sure to coat the shrimp with the fabulous mixture of oil, pepper, garlic and cilantro.  When the shrimp hits the oil, you will hear the sizzle and start to smoke a bit (which just adds to the aroma filling the kitchen).  Sound, smell and soon taste... Do you see why this was presented tableside!

I plated them with some honey glazed carrots and snow peas (a great compliment to the SPICY shrimp), and a WONDERFUL cheesy mashed potato dish (which I am posting today over at OUR KRAZY KITCHEN).

And just to show off, I made some Chocolate Cashew Butter Truffles for dessert.  But that's a post for another day.


  1. Looks great! I am loving the amount of garlic in this dish - you can never have too much, in my humble opinion.

  2. That chocolate at the end... whoah!

  3. Love, Love, Love the crushed red pepper!!

    Do you know about the BSI recipe contest each week? Just so happens cashews are the secret ingredient this week - you should submit your truffles! :D

    Here is the link:

  4. I love things that are made/cooked at the table. It's so much fun! Beautiful plate with the colorful veggies!

  5. This looks spectacular---reminds me of a thai recipe using cilantro roots and lots of garlic and red pepper...deilicous!

  6. You can't just say things like, oh by the way I made chocolate cashew butter truffle bites of heaven as if it were no big deal. And THEN not give us the recipe. That should just be a crime.

  7. I love garlic shrimp and the crushed red pepper is a nice touch.Mmmmmmm

  8. That cashew butter truffle dessert looks scrumptious!