Saturday, May 29, 2010


Here's a fast one...

More of a tip actually.  I had planned to make a pizza, but something came up.  The dough (remember, I make my own... Pizza Napoletana - Bread Baker's Apprentice #11), was in the fridge, thawed.  Not sure if you can refreeze dough once it has been frozen and thawed, but that 2 week home ec class in 8th grade told me not to.  Well, almost a week later, I had a ball of 1st rate pizza dough, and really no use for it.

So, Toss it...

Or make pretzels!

I highly recommend the pizza dough recipe I use (click HERE).  But any dough meant for a crispy crust will work.

And just roll out in tubes the diameter of a nickel.  Make pretzel sticks, or do that whirl thing to form a classic pretzel.

Brush with a whisked egg.

Top with sesame seeds... or coarse sea salt...

And bake at 400 degrees for 18 minutes...

The outside should be very crispy, and the inside melt in your mouth soft... And the sea salt really snaps!

Since I first made these, whenever I make a pizza, I cut off a bit of the dough, make a smaller pizza (ours is a household of two) and make a couple pretzels for an appetizer.

Waste not want not.


  1. Yeah I'm not so sure about the refreezing dough thing. Good call on just using it up. I so want one of these with cinnamon sugar all over them.

  2. Not a pretzel fan...but might be if I needed to be.

  3. Really, really creative. I'm with Joanne, I'm not sure refreezing is a good thing either.

  4. Good idea! I've been wanting to make pretzels.