Friday, May 28, 2010

Sesame Chicken Points - yet another use for a Rotisserie Chicken

We had a small get together with some friends recently.  People were going to be arriving in shifts.  One couple early and another arriving an hour later.  I was pondering something light and different to serve with drinks for the "early" couple.  I was reminded of a recipe I wanted to try during shrimp week (earlier this month, I posted a different shrimp recipe every day for a week).  the idea came from an appetizer I used to get at a favorite Thai Restaurant when I lived in NYC a couple decades ago.  The restaurant was located next to a favorite bookstore, I would go in, buy a book and head next door to eat.  More often then not, i would sit at the bar which had a view of the kitchen (in sight it must be right - right?).

Didn't have any shrimp left, but I did have my beloved rotisserie chicken... Stop me if you've heard this... fully cooked and seasoned rotisserie chicken cost $6, while a whole raw chicken costs $10, but I digress...

Actually, what I had was a chicken carcass that I was getting ready to make chicken stock with the next morning.  I was down to the bones.  But even the best cleaned out bird has enough chicken to make these.  All I needed was about 1/2 cup of chicken.  I was going to run it through my chopper, so no need for nice presentation pieces, just the dregs...

Here's what to do...

1/2 cup minced cooked Chicken (shrimp would work fine as well)
1 TBS Olive Oil (I had some garlic infused oil that worked fine)
1 TBS minced Onion
3 cloves minced Garlic

And run through the chopper until you have a paste.

And I also topped with a few Green Onion slices
and a sprinkling of a mixture of White Sesame Seeds, Black Sesame Seeds and Sea Salt.  1/2 tsp each

We are going to fry this, so enough Canola Oil to fill 1/8th inch in the bottom of your pan.

You also need some Pizza Dough.  

I had some in the freezer from my adventures with... Pizza Napoletana - Bread Baker's Apprentice #11.  This has now been added to my dough day, when I fill my freezer with a few bags of dough that I will use throughout the week.  Pizza Napoletana dough is always in my freezer now.  But you can use your own favorite pizza dough recipe.  I believe, even a pre-made pizza crust would work.

Here's how to cook the points...

  • Roll out a small pizza round.  I made 2 rounds from the dough ball I had in the freezer (oh yeah, allow 3 hours for the dough to reach room temp).  The dough should be rolled out just a bit thick, 1/4 inch.
  •  Next, top each with the half of the chicken paste you made.
  • Top with the green onions and a pinch of the sesame seed/sea salt mixture
  • cut the raw dough into slices
  • Fry the separated slices chicken side down for a couple minutes, till you get that beautiful brown color.
  • flip and cook the other side.
  • sprinkle some more of the sesame seed/sea salt mixture, so you get some toasted flavor as well as the fresh flavor of sesame and salt.
  • Serve warm

Except for thawing the pizza dough, and setting up Mise en Place bowls, these took 5 minutes to prepare.  They are fun to do while guests are watching, and very dramatic looking and a unique taste.

A GREAT item to serve to guests with a frozen rum drink... 

And a fine thing to serve to your wife if she has a particularly good day at work and made a difference.

And yet another use for a rotisserie chicken!



  1. So, everything stays on the dough even when you flip it over?

  2. Dave, this looks so GOOD! I'm loving these pictures...they're good enough to eat. Hope you have a fantastic Memorial Day weekend!

  3. Dave - Are you starting to get a dark leathery skin and cluck a little when you talk - I'm thinking you may be at risk of turning into a rotisserie chicken :-)

  4. I like the shrimp version, and this sounds great too!

  5. This sounds delicious Dave! The photos look great!

  6. Dave, those look amazing! I made shrimp toast (that I deep fried!) for New Years and they were so good!

    I thought of you last night - I made New Orleans bbq shrimp on my grill last night - so spicy and good!

    Hope you and your wife have a great weekend!

  7. Very clever and nicely done. These really sound delicious Dave. Have a great day. Blessings...Mary

  8. So good. I am a sucker for anything Thai related at all in any way. I was born on the wrong continent. What was the name of the thai place you loved in NY?

  9. Ummmmm...yet another use for one of my favorites.

  10. YUMMO! Did I just really say that out loud? Have a great holiday weekend Dave and Jackie

  11. Have a great memorial day weekend man! You made this look easier than I know it would be, for me anyway :-)

  12. Okay, okay.... I'll get a rotisserie chicken. I haven't had a good chicken-skin-picking session in a long time (that's usually the best part - all that crispy skin)
    And what a fun idea this was....

  13. Dave, well done! I'm sure your guests really appreciated these delicious bites.