Sunday, April 11, 2010

"USED UP" Rotisserie Chicken Stir Fry

Once again, time to use half of your rotisserie chicken.  $6, comes fully cooked and seasoned.  They are the best food bargain on the island.  I just can't resist...

And besides, it's Sunday in spring... The long winter is at last tamed.  Stop reading blogs and enjoy the day (after you finish this, surf around a few of my pages (look at the Ribs post), and drop me a friendly comment... THEN go out and enjoy the day).  This is a meal that will get you out of the kitchen and into the rites of Spring quickly..

This is a "what can I use up" recipe... Here's what I used up (notice no amounts... I just used up)...

1/2 Rotisserie Chicken (no bones, shredded)
Red Onions
Red Peppers
Butter - 2 TSP
Brown Sugar - 2 TSP

I had a bottle with just @2 teaspoons of Terriyaki Sauce... I HATE those jars of things that always seem to grow in the fridge, so I used that and tossed the jar!

Still needed a bit more sauce, so I used a sweet sauce of butter and brown sugar...

Melt the butter, add the brown sugar, add the garlic, add the vegetables, add the chicken, add the terriyaki sauce.

Serve over rice...

Leaves you plenty of time to go snorkeling...  You might see one of these...

So, what's outside your front door that you should be seeing???


  1. You should add a tab on the side for "what can I use up" recipes. I love the sauce for this stir fry. Looks super tasty.

  2. Looks great! I need to figure out what I am eating today.

  3. This I could easily make for hubby and he would be the happiest man around. I love the shredded chicken part and the veggies and the sauce and......

    Have you picked up what is waiting for you on my blog? (S and S)

  4. Love that you are so creative with the rotisserie chicken! I hope to take my dog on the nature trail today - it's sunny and 60 today!!

  5. Ha! I've already been out enjoying the day. It's warm and sunny out.

    You have a much better name for your "used up" dishes. I call ours "garbage bowl" dinners under the premise if we don't use the ingredient, it'll get tossed in a few days.

    Great "used up" dish, Dave.

  6. I love the recipes you create for deli chickens. This looks wonderful. I hope you are having a grand day. Mary

  7. I came across your blog recently and am enjoying my RSS feed. I agree a rotisserie chicken is a shortcut to quick and tasty eating - stirfrys, tacos, enchiladas, soups, salads and more.