Friday, April 2, 2010

A Day of Rest - DUFFY's LOVE SHACK in Red Hook, Virgin Islands

Is there anything more boring than looking at someone else's vacation pictures?

Like I said yesterday, this week we are entertaining our first guests.  My wife's favorite aunt and her cousin (David and Becky shown above) are giving us locals a chance to be tourists for the week.  Taking the organized island tours, watching them haggle with the vendors (and then we swoop in and get a local's discount for them), snorkeling and sunning have been on my agenda all week... Almost no cooking, and what little cooking I am doing, I am repeating recipes.  So, content for the blog has been light.

BUT, no trip to our corner of paradise would be complete without a stop at my favorite dive bar and grill... Duffy's Love Shack!

Literally, it is located in a parking lot  in the Red Hook area of St Thomas (closest "town" to us).  It is our go to bar for a fun time.

Just so you don't think I have forgotten that this is a food blog...

Blackened chicken nachos (above)... A little of everything (including a few SURPRISE hot peppers!

Some kind of crappy health food salad that my cousin-in-law loved (how healthy can it be with a half cup of sour cream and a cup of guacamole on it???)

Personally... Their Blue Cheese burgers are the best on the island!  A little bacon (of course bacon!) just to set the mood!

But I guess when you get down to it... This is what sets the mood...

The infamous DUFFY's SHARK TANK... 64 ounces of Booze (and a little fruit juice)!   Served in a fish bowl with straws for everybody!

And just in case there was not enough booze in the Fish Tank, Jackie wanted her signature, Lime in the Coconut (which I have spent many nights trying to replicate, but always seem to be just a shade short)...

Have you ever been charged $9 for a strawberry daiquiri?  At least when you order a $9 daiquiri at Duffy's, they let you keep the parrot glass (Jackie's Cousin's Daughter not included)...

Even the favorite aunt gets to go home with a logo beer mug when she ordered a virgin daiquiri...

Yes, they made fun of me for a bit for photographing the food... Then the fancy glasses arrived and everyone was photographing the food...

Even people from other tables were photographing our shark tank...

That is a shark inside our drink...

When in St Thomas, don't miss Duffy's Love Shack... Best dive bar set up in a parking lot I have ever been to!


  1. I love how you guys are locals now. I guess it's all a matter of perspective :P

    Should I ever come visit you. This is where we are going. That blue cheese burger looks dreamy.

  2. That shark tank is so clever! I happen to like looking at someone else's vacation photos.

  3. That's my kind of vacation day, relaxing with family, great food and drink. What a day!

  4. I would definitely order the shark tank!

  5. Looked like a fun day was had by all!

  6. What fun pictures - glad you're having such an amazing time with your friends!

  7. I don't think those are boring at all, they look fun. I'd love the shark tank. That blue cheese burger looks absolutely tasty. I made a very similar one a few weeks ago. Is the blue cheese topping a blue cheese mayo? That's what I used (mayo, blue cheese, sherry vinegar, and hot pepper sauce).