Sunday, April 25, 2010

Caribbean Garlic Coconut Rum Shrimp

Coconut Shrimp... The stuff of legendary appetizer menus at bars everywhere!

And why not?  What makes a great bar snack...

Fast... these cook up in minutes.
Easy... Once the dipping station is set up, bingo bango bongo, dip, dip, dip fry and you are done
A little exotic, something special... It just sounds good.  It sounds like something that is much harder to make than it really is, and with the coconut, it sounds much more special than just a breaded fried shrimp...

I have made these once before, with a small salad size shrimp.  I didn't do the flour step that I did here.  Without the flour, the breading was thinner (with popcorn shrimp, you do not want the breading too thick, or you will not taste any shrimp).  You can check that post by clocking HERE... Garlic Popcorn Coconut Rum SHRIMP appetizer.

This time I was after a thicker coating, like a fried chicken (hey, this would work great for chicken... Oh, that was done recently... Eats Well with Others did the thin coconut coating recipe for a chicken breast.  It needed to be thin, or the coating would have been burnt badly by the time the chicken was done.  You can check her take on the recipe by clicking - Garlic Popcorn Coconut Rum Chicken.

But, for this, I made the recipe using the biggest shrimp I could find...

First I Set up the dipping station...


1 Egg mixed with 1/4 cup Coconut Rum

Bread Crumbs mixed with minced Garlic...

Fry in Canolla Oil.

Frying these is so easy, and judging when they are done is equally easy... When the coating is browned, flip and brown the other side.  Shrimp cook VERY fast.  Only about 3 minutes per side!

And just so you know, I did indeed try this with chicken wings... I cooked them as long as I dared, without burning the coating.  But, they were.... rare.

The thin pieces with less meat were fine.  the Bigger pieces with more meat were too rare.  This recipe is perfect for shrimp. but the thicker coating is not good for chicken...

Perfect to serve to guests...



  1. Looks awesome. Yum. Glad to know it's not for chicken wings!

  2. that looks great....I love coconut shrimp

  3. I love coconut shrimp. We will have to make some after we eat all the Aaparagus we got from the festival yesterday.

  4. Love me some Coconut Shrimp! I might just have to whip up a batch of these for my guests! Yum!

  5. Your neighbors on the island are going to hate to see you go back to Kansas! These shrimp look perfect.

  6. Perfect. One of Michael's favorite bar eats. I just have to get some flavored rums to cook with now! Thanks Dave.

  7. Dave these look wonderful! The photos are mouthwatering!
    By the way, I have an award for you over at Living the Gourmet!

  8. Panko is really the perfect breading agent, I've come to think. I just love it's texture!

  9. Lookin good! You must be cooking up some good grub, your guests haven't moved from tht table and are still happily waving!

  10. I always love to order coconut shrimp, but I still haven't made it at home. You've inspired me with this post (It looks awesome!). Next shopping trip...2 weeks from now...I'm getting these ingredients.

  11. Love coconut shrimp. Your guests are lucky to be sitting at your table.

  12. i can't imagine how it feels, it is certainly very delicous and tempting.

  13. Shame on you for making me choose just ONE favorite!! I think this is topping the list... or that pasta cake that looks too cool to eat!