Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Lobster Tails for Valentines Day - How to butterfly the meat

In the spirit of Valentines day... Jackie got her favorites meal!

Lobster tails.  Simple, just a little flavored butter.

Roasted beets.  Simple, just a little oil, salt and pepper

A little more complicated vegetable dish, with snap peas, Greens from teh beets and Orange slices...

But the star was of course the lobster tails.

First trick is to butterfly them...

Take your kitchen scissor and cut through the back...

Then Grab each side of the shell and gently pry away the shell away from the meat, Continue to pry the shell away from the meat but keep the back of the meat connected to the shell.

Once the meat is freed, grab the meat, squeeze the shell together to close the gap and lay the meat on top of the shell

And lay the meat on the shell... now it makes a perfect stand for the meat.  Wonderful presentation...

Cooking lobster can not be easier... I made a butter marinade of 2 TBS butter, 1/2 tsp smoked Paprika and pepper.  I added a squeeze of lemon, melted the butter and brushed half on the lobster meat prior to baking...

I slow roasted at 250 degrees, using a meat thermometer to measure when the meat reached 140 degrees!

Pretty confusing plate, but really tasty lobster!



  1. This was really helpful. I love to learn something when I visit other folks and you never disappoint. As to postponing Egypt - we've twice been caught in political upheavals and I've learned that there should only be so much excitement in one lifetime :-). My days of walking into burning buildings are over. I think our alternate choice will be Peru, the Andes and the Amazon. Bali sounds good, too. We'll see. Have a great day. Blessings...Mary

  2. Thank you, Dave! I've always been a little intimidated by lobster...and your pictures help a lot!

  3. I've always wondered how to do lobster. The step by step is fabulous!!! Serving this over the weekend. Yum!!!

  4. I am so happy for you and Jackie that you both enjoyed such a beautiful meal....I look forward to your posts...many blessings, Catherine

  5. I love fresh lobster tail - Jackie's one lucky woman!

  6. absolutely gorgeous, excellent job!

  7. So that's how you work a lobster tail. Great post! Oh and you guessed my age perfectly;-)
    I wish. But you were a bit off on the weight, only by 20 pounds though, but I will still be your friend because you showed me how to butterfly a lobster tail! Your wife is one lucky lady to get lobster! I will have to plan a nice dinner with my hubby, with three kids around, we do not get as much time as we would like.

  8. I have to agree with some others that lobster has always been a bit terrifying. And I have never found an excuse to make them since my husband refuses to eat anything that has lived in water at some point. But, this looks too good. I might have to try and make it soon!

  9. Great looking lobster! Lucky Jackie! Great tutorial, too. Sure beats steaming them live.

  10. Lobster is my favorite!!!!! I also cook my lobster in the oven. In the summer we cook it on the grill. Your lobster looks wonderful:)