Thursday, March 4, 2010

Jackie's Lunches this Week or ... FUN WITH SHRIMP!

I am the luckiest man in the world.  Here I am in paradise, and my only duties are to cook.  I am trying to live on a budget, and will be doing menu planning and trying to get a handle on getting the most bang for our buck while here.  Which is very difficult.  BUT, all that will have to start next week when we are in our new apartment, with a "real" full size kitchen.  In the mean time, I am making due with what I can.  One of the bargains in the market is frozen shrimp.  2 pounds, deveined, pealed, cooked, ready to eat for only $14.99.  So, we eat a lot of shrimp. 

Here's the lunches I made for Jackie over the last three days...

First, no photos, but we do have a piece of fruit.  Bananas are available and inexpensive, but the real bargain on the island is the fresh tomatoes.  Not sure where they come from, but I can get yellow tomatoes, green, roma and some beautiful vine ripened freshly picked tomatoes for less than half what I was paying in the states for hot house versions.  Best of all, they are among the most flavorful tomatoes I have ever had.  So, slice em up, a little sea salt (tomatoes and melon are the only items I like to add salt to) and they are great eating for lunch.

I also made some flavored sauteed shrimp.  I brought a bag of Cajun spices with me to the island (and very glad I did... spices are crazy expensive).  So, a few TBS of spices, and a couple TBS of Raspberry Chipotle sauce I had also brought from home (yes, the Fischer and Wieser, handcrafted one jar at a time, THE ORIGINAL ROASTED RASPBERRY CHIPOTLE SAUCE that I always rave about
(only a little left... = (

These were a pretty good lunch (OK, really good).

Next day, We dropped shrimp from the lunch menu and I made a Chirozo sausage Pita Sandwich...

A Little Provolone cheese, some spinach and a bit of sandwich spread.

Next day, back to shrimp for lunch...

Shrimp salad... Diced onion, celery, red pepper, grapes...

More of that sandwich spread (I know, easy to make your own, but I have a tiny kitchen and making condiments is not on the agenda yet)

Add the shrimp, we had this on a cracker sitting on our deck watching the cruise ships leave the harbor, along with a little wine after jackie got off work... 

And it makes a mean pita bread sandwich...

So, what do you think...  Am I earning my keep???

Honestly, it does not suck to be a kept man.


  1. You are FORCED to eat shrimp...just like you were FORCED to move to the Virgin Islands? Suspicious terminology. Very suspicious.

    Jackie is definitely one lucky lady to have these delicious lunches being prepared for her. Good job :P

  2. I would love to have these lunches everyday! No problem eating shrimp....delicious!

  3. You have one spoiled lady there. :)

  4. Hi Dave... Looks like you are making the "best of" living on the Islands. But after a few weeks of eating so much shrimp I think I might be eyeing those chickens roaming free here and there... *wink*

  5. Dave, it looks like you are doing great with the food there so far. The tomato prices are great, you can make salsa all the time, or pasta sauce.

    Is there a grocery store where the "locals" shop that might be less expensive?

  6. I'd kill for a fresh, tasty garden tomato right now...

  7. It's a shame that food is so expensive there, but it sounds like you're doing a great job at eating what's available for the least price.

  8. Did you say shrimp? My favorite food on the planet and Cajun seasoning, also my fave! Fantastic shrimp salad, too! Geaux Dave! Don't be surprised when I show up on your doorstep, cher! Cheers!

  9. Looks like the perfect pita! That was smart to bring spices with you.

  10. I'd have to pack a couple jars of peanut butter to survive down there-the shrimp looks good but I hate seafood :( Hey, maybe it would be a good weight loss tool.....

  11. Looks as if you're making do just splendidly! Those lunches are nothing to snub; well done. Fit for a princess!