Sunday, March 28, 2010

Beer Braised Brats

These are so easy... so tasty.  Once you try this method, you will never go back to just tossing them in a no stick frying pan...

First thing I did was to make some buns.  Of course I used the Moomie Bun recipe.  I have blogged of this often, most  recently on today's  A KANSAS FOODIE in the VIRGIN ISLANDS post... "Garlic/Onion/Chipotle Moomie Buns... I did it My Way!"!  This time I made split top sausage rolls.

I had found a good sale price on some Johnsonville Brats (they're everywhere).  No grill ; (   ... so I decided to beer braise them.  Just cut some onion slices and separate into rings.  This will make a bed for the brats to rest on while the beer steams and seeps into the sausages.

For the beer, my preference is always Killian's.  Sadly, i have not been able to find Killian's on the island.  I have been trying a few local beers.  Here is a Tropical MANGO Pale Ale.  Not very good for drinking, but perfect for cooking with.


Prep the brats first... Meaning, take a couple of toothpicks and puncture the casing of the sausage in a dozen spots on each of the 4 sides of the brats.  this allows the grease inside the sausages to escape without a buildup and then a splits.  It also allows the beer to seep in just a little (it is only a tiny series of holes), and flavor the brats.

Add enough beer to the onions to fill just 1/4 inch above the level of the onions...

Get the beer to simmer...

Rest the brats on the beer...

Turn after 5 minutes...

Keep adding beer as needed to have just a bit of beer above the bed of onions.

And after all 4 sides are done... So are the brats.  Filled with flavor, and not dried out from over cooking.

Just a simple meal after a lazy day on the beach...


  1. Why don't you braise them first and then finish them on your grill? Oh wait...that was mean ;)

    These look good, Dave!

  2. Great idea to put them on top of the onions.

  3. Those buns look so good! I am going to have to try this Moomie recipe. If only so that I can walk around saying Moomie all day.

    Thanks for the toothpick tip! Those brats look great. I have some guinness sitting here...that would probably make an awesome braise!

  4. Those look fantastic Dave! And you make your own buns too? When do you have the time? I love brats braised rather than grilled. I don't like the fat burned flavor...

    Love your blog!


  5. People may laugh, but Johnsonville makes a darn good brat!

  6. I like cooking them on a bed of onions. These sound absolutely delicious. I'm guessing you can't barbecue at the condo. That really is a shame.

  7. Wonderful! Before the top image in this post had even fully downloaded an audible gasp had escaped me. Thanks!

  8. You always seem to be cooking my hubby's favorite foods! He loves brats and eats them at least once a week! Thanks for sharing! :)

  9. The buns look unbelievable! I'm bookmarking them right now! I'm late to the party on this recipe. I love brats made this way!

  10. i really shouldn't be reading this at 10pm because i want one now, so bad!

  11. Yay Killians! Love a good beer braised brat. Delicious.

  12. The brats look delicious - Michael introduced me to the concept of cooking them in beer. So much more tasty! I am most intrigued by that yummy looking bread rolls!