Sunday, January 31, 2010

Spinach Mushroom Pecan Parmesan CRESCENT ROLLS and 2 GREAT fun blogger awards

Good morning my friends...

Look at the little picture to the right...

Remember these from yesterday??? My spinach mushroom pecan Parmesan Pinwheels (Click HERE for the recipe). If you read the post, you remember that I used a homemade dough to make the pinwheel, and I was very happy with the results. I did ponder whether you could get similar results with commercially available crescent rolls. Now, look above and you get the answer... you can!

I am eating one for breakfast as I type this, and they are terrific. The rich buttery taste of the crescent rolls adds an extra taste to the recipe. I like the look of the pinwheel, but this takes a total of maybe 15 minutes to prep and another 15 minutes in the oven. Well worth it. Again, if you are interested, c
lick HERE for the recipe.

Today is an exciting day for me... I was spotlighted on TWO of my favorite blogs! The first is an idea I wish I had thought of... Lea Ann from the Mangos Chili & Z Blog has a series she calls "JUST GRILLED", where she features a foodie blog author every few weeks. She sends us a list of questions, and the post follows. So, if you want to know more of my blog story and what makes me tick, click HERE to find
Just Grilled, My Year On The Grill!

And next, I received an email notifying me that I had won the "the
Creative Writer Bald-Faced Liar Award". Now, my first reaction was that my ex-wife had somehow created an award and had tracked me down. Instead I was thrilled to learn that the 6 talented writers who collaboratively host The MYSTERY LOVERS' KITCHEN have awarded me Lesa Holstein's "CREATIVE BLOGGER AWARD"!

I think this award is GENIUS!

Here are Lesa's rules...

1.Thank the person who gave this to you.
2.Copy the logo and place it on your blog.
3.Link to the person who nominated you.
4.Tell us up to six outrageous lies about yourself, and at least one outrageous truth.
5.Allow your readers to guess which one or more are true.
5.Nominate seven "Creative Writers" who might have fun coming up with outrageous lies.
6.Post links to the seven blogs you nominate.
7.Leave a comment on each of the blogs letting them know you nominated them.

1) Thank you to Avery Aames, Jenn McKinlay, Cleo Coyle, Krista Davis, Julie Hyzy, Elizabeth Spann Craig... Individually known as talented mystery writers, and collectively as THE MYSTERY LOVER's KITCHEN!
2) Done
3) Done
4)... OK, here we go... Only one is true, the rest are mostly not true...

  1. My brother is a fundamentalist minister that believes that Jim Bakker got a raw deal from the media.
  2. My brother was just this year, fired from his position with his church. I feel a little guilty for telling him (in my best Edward G. Robinson impression), "Where's your God now Moses" when I heard.... That is one of my favorite quotes from Cecil B. DeMille's, "Ten Commandments", and would be funnier if you had seen the movie.
  3. My brother died in Vietnam
  4. I wear a goatee because my face was cut in a fight with my brother
  5. I was once an ace reporter for a great metropolitan newspaper (OK, truth is that I was a contributing writer for the Peoria Journal Star, Peoria, Illinois's finest daily rag).
  6. I have an ex-wife who i never ever talk to. But, my ex-mother-in-law and I email often, at least once a week.
  7. My ex-wife is a practicing Wicken. So when I use the phrase, "colder than a witches tit", I actually know how cold they can be.
5A) OK, can you guess which of those statements is 100% true and which are only slightly true (the other 6 are all slightly true, but mostly a lie). Drop me a comment.
5B) Here are my 7 nominees...

  1. Joanne from EATS WELL WITH OTHERS
  2. Donna from MY TASTY TREASURES
  4. Lea Ann from Mangos Chili & Z
  5. Mags from The Other Side of Fifty
  6. SugarPlumFairy at Vanillastrawberryspringfields
  7. I am sorry, I don't know your name, but I love... FOODYCAT
6) Done Above
7) Will do later today, Jackie is in the mood for me to do a part of my Honey-do list...

To the nominees, please have fun with this. I selected you because I enjoy READING your blogs, as much as for your food recipes. But, if you decide not to participate, that is fine, just be honored that you were thought of.

Or, I just went through my email comment section and yours were the last 7 comments... Maybe I should add one of the last two sentences to my list of "Creative Writing" bald faced lies.



  1. Now that's the way to jazz up a crescent roll! Congrats on your award, it fun learning more about you.

  2. what a fantastic roll, with all the best ingredients. congrats on the award, you crack me up!

  3. I love fancying up crescent rolls, those ones look awesome. Heh, great award. I'm going to guess.... 1 is true. Completely randomly.

  4. It's Alicia!

    Thanks Dave.

    I am still in awe of your home made puff pastry, although secretly happy that this last time didn't work so well.

  5. Congratulations on the award!
    Those crescent rolls look fantastic! So yummy! Have a great day!

  6. The crescent rolls sound wonderful!

    I'm guessing that you were an Ace reporter in Peoria!

    ~ Krista

  7. Congrats on your awards! The cresent roll looks great but it was your comments regarding your ex that really cracked me up!!! Tooo it!!!!

  8. Congrats! Of course I remember those wheels! This sounds even better with the rolls!

  9. Love your blog - I'll bet 5 is the true statement, but #7 is pretty funny. (if you DO have an ex-wife, I'll bet she's laughing her t**s off)

  10. I can NOT wait to see the answer and hear the explanation. There are some outrageously believable ones in there.

    But then again, you ARE a poker player;)

  11. Dave, clearly you deserve that award. I never fail to chuckle or guffaw at least once when I visit here.

    Good idea on the crescent rolls. I just finished dinner and as I read your enthusiasm I thought I should like a bite of one of these.

  12. I haven't got a clue which one is true, because they all(mostly) sound believable. But then I'm gullible; I believe everything. :) Crescent rolls look awesome!

  13. I enjoyed reading your blog interview on Lea Ann's blog-I left a comment.

  14. Ohmygosh what a fun award and a big thank you for sending it to me. I'll really have to get my thinking cap on for this one.

    I would have loved to had one of these pinwheels for breakfast. Yum. I haven't a clue which one is true. I'll guess #6

  15. I love.... really love the Bold Face Liar Award!!!!!!

  16. First of all, thank you so much for passing the award on to me Dave. It's going to take a half a bottle of wine and a lot of thinking before I can post my list...LOL

    I think #6 is the true one.

  17. Your statements are very creative. I look forward to learn all the explanations :)

    Great rolls by the way!

  18. I just had a crescent roll...and I was wondering how to jazz it up next time. And here you are again..with a fantastic twist

    your statements..hmm..tough one. I go with 5. thats the odd one out :) ?
    will wait to see which one it is :)

  19. Thanks for the nomination - I shall work on that list :)

    I am going to say #6 - was going to pick 5, but everyone else is :)

  20. NICE pimped up crescent roll. And since it was inspired by flavors of the "crescent city" that's a kind of culinary poetry.

    I'll guess #2 is true, only because I'm dying to repeat "Where's your God now, Moses" in an Edward G Robinson accent.


    author of The Coffeehouse Mysteries
    "Where I create all kinds of bald-faced lies for a living..."

  21. I've never seen a crescent roll look better! Congrats on the awards, i can't think of a more worthy recipient. I was also wondering about your move to the Virgin Islands... I think you mentioned it in a comment on my blog.

  22. HA Ha,Dave,ur riot ....a good sur honored to have someone with a blog as fantastic and rocking as ya to give me.....
    I sure will take time to post this one and u'll soon know why realyy....hehehehehe...
    and am hopping right about ur blog now looking for valentine recipes...well any that catches my fancy 'read easy" goes....into a valeentine recipe....thanx a ton loads and congrats to u too....
    Now that list is somethng .....


  23. Funny read! Very refreshing! I like the recipe too!

  24. Congrats, you are most deserving of this award, mon ami! In Cajun Country, we prefer to refer to lying as "embellishing the truth"! Your list is hilarious and your crescent rolls look divine!

  25. Awesome recipe - so inventive. You sooooooooooooo deserve the award! I'd venture to say there is some truth in each and every one of them - as for the one that is entirely true - good question!

  26. I say it is number 4. The crescent dish looks so darn good. You are a mess.

  27. Thank you Dave, I am way behind on blogging, I am honored you thoutht of mr and thrilled to know you actually read my blog:):)

    Outrageous lies, me?? Maybe mine should be outrageous truths;)

    Thanks again!