Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Recipe 10 - Dessert - Chocolate Covered Bacon

My biggest fan...
So don't you judge me without knowing that you will be judging Kylie!

Last night was a big night for my blog. I did another of Stephen Raichlen's recipes, I created a main course recipe (inspired by Stephen's), hosted a party of 9, with another 4 people dropping by for dessert (word was spreading). I have an idea for a Julie & Julia themed post for Friday that needs a little tweeking, a friend I have not seen in a year came by the house last night. But, If I were a reader of this blog, instead of the writer, I would want to hear about...

Often rumored to exist, but rarely eaten... Last night the neighborhood enjoyed CHOCOLATE COVERED BACON! Pictured above is the finished product, 4 different varieties (so no excuses). From left to right, Milk Chocolate with a white chocolate accent, Milk Chocolate with pecans, Milk Chocolate with a butterscotch dip, and finally, Dark Chocolate.

There's a cooking truth out there that says,

The only food that can't be improved by adding bacon
can be improved by adding chocolate!

The recipe could not be easier... Make the bacon either on a George Forman grill, or in the microwave. It is important that the bacon be as flat as possible. Allow the bacon to cool, and the grease drained into a paper towel. I cut the bacon in half so the candy pieces would be smaller for the dieters (and the people who think I am trying to crap in their mouth). Once I have a big pile of bacon, I start on the chocolate. In a double boiler, melt the chocolate, dip the bacon and let it cool on some waxed paper. Decide how you are going to decorate the pieces. I had some melted white Chocolate, melted butterscotch pieces and some pecan pieces. It was a very hot day, and extra humid (Kansas isn't called Kansas for nothing). After two hours, the Chocolate was not hardening at all, so I started putting as many pieces as I could in the refrigerator. Took another couple hours for them all to harden, but eventually, I had a serving tray filled with the goodies!

Adding the nuts and dipping in butterscotch was my own addition to the mix; so I am claiming this recipe as my own!

Salt and sweet... it really was fabulous!

13 people had the delicacy... of that 13, one person flat out refused to eat any, 11 of them had more than one piece and 7 of them wanted a little to go bag to take to work with them. The butterscotch dipped was gone first, followed by the pecan. So if you try this recipe, add some accents... I dare you!


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