Wednesday, April 2, 2014

GRILLED Grilled Onions - 52 Condiments

How would you like to be "That Guy" (or Gal)?  You know, the guy (or gal) that fires up his grill and serves up something just a little extra.  Burgers and dogs with a few squeeze bottles of condiments is not enough.  His grilling time is closer to a restaurant meal than a dog in the park.

That guy (or gal) has a few secrets that send a trip to his (her) back yard into that next level of backyard entertaining.

And usually it really does not involve much extra effort.  Like making grilled onions (on the grill).

At the backyard of the squeeze bottle condiments guy you will usually find an onion. Just sliced, and raw.

But a grilled onion is just a bit better.  The sweetness of the onion is enhanced, the biting harshness of a raw onion is changed.  This is the onion that "That Guy" (or gal) serves.

Only a couple of tricks, first, you have to look real close, but you will see a toothpick sticking out of each onion slice.

Cut the slices pretty thick, then stick a toothpick from one edge all the way to the center so that each ring when the inevitable separation happens stays together.

Only other trick is to drizzle Olive Oil over both sides before you start to grill them.  This prevents them from sticking to the grill and lets the slices and eventual rings stay moist and sweet instead of dried out.

Take a closer look at the photo of the close up of the burger with the onion slices.  They practically glisten.  The only extra time it took to make these was the time I spent inserting the toothpick.

And here's the platter of food that this guy took to his table... Grilled potato wedges with White Cheddar Cheese sauce, Hawaiian burgers with grilled pineapple (yesterday's post) and a Blue Cheese Sauce (tomorrow's Post)... Just a few of my GRILLING TIME... Secret Extras!


So,  I am pleased to list this as one of my Growing list of  "52 Grilling Time Secret Extras" or "52 Ways to Cook BBQ and Grilling Recipes"!!!

Well over 52 recipes actually as I just can't stop... Over 100 in one grilling season (I love to grill!). But not just leat... Drinks, Condiments (LOTS of different BBQ sauces), Drinks, Desserts... even specialty items like GRILLED Pizza, and fun shaped Watermelons.  Easy and these ideas will make you the MASTER of your Backyard Domain!


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