Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Sweet Potato Chips with Flavored Vinegar!!!

I have a new passion in my life... Sweet Potato chips.

Very easy to make, grab a handy mandolin to slice the potatoes thin, heat oil (canola or peanut oil for it's high burn temperature). Fry to just when the chips start to darken.  This way they have a bit of the softness of a cooked sweet potato, but also the snappy crispness of a store bought bagged potato chip.  Drain on a paper towel and enjoy!

But to really set these apart, I like to spritz them with a bit of flavored Vinegars!

You've seen those little oil spritzers.  Very handy for dieters controlling the amount of calories added to a salad.  But also VERY useful for infusing just a bit of extra flavor to the sweet potato chips.

O Olive Oil has a wide variety of premium barrel aged vinegars...
11 different wine based vinegars
4 different balsamic vinegars
and even 3 different rice Asian inspired vinegars.

Looking through their products, I am in finishing sauce heaven!  I chose a bottle of their HONEY APPLE...

O honey apple vinegar

The comforting aroma and rich taste of ripe Sonoma apples drenched in late harvest honey. Sparkling apple cider and the purity of honey create timeless flavors of health and wonder. Round and sweet with just the right tartness.

IMO... A perfect pairing for the chips!  And, by using a spritzer, a little goes a long way, making this a very affordable option for a healthy tasty crispy treat!

And welcome to mt RITES of Spring when I start outdoor grilling again...  Fancy up a hamburger with a grilled pineapple slice...

Add all the usual fixins, Pickles, lettuce, Onions and tomatoes and a drizzle of Blue Cheese sauce... And some surprising early delicious Peaches and Cream corn on the cobb...

With of course these O Olive Oil, Honey and Vinegar spritzed sweet potato chips and you have the perfect weeknight meal!

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eRecipeCards and the friend to bloggers everywhere, O OLIVE OIL are sponsering a cooking contest among bloggers... 24 bloggers will be selected to receive FREE pressed oils and gourmet barrel aged vinegars to work blogger magic.

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  1. What a great idea to use an oil spritzer to spray on some vinegar. Interesting flavors. I have made sweet potato chips with Japanese sweet potatoes, love them, they are a little drier than the orange ones so fry up nicely.

  2. How fun! I love flavored olive oils and vinegars...I'll definitely be checking out that contest!

  3. Alexis loves sweet potato chips but I don't make them often enough for her. Rocking burgers too.

  4. I've just discover you blog and i like it . Thanks for sharing your delicious recipes.