Monday, May 9, 2011

I lost 15 Pounds in 14 Days - Dessert

For those of you keeping track...

Yes, yesterday I was at 16 pounds, today I dropped back (dropped UP???) a pound.  I can honestly say I have not had a single morsel of food not on the "17 Day Diet ".  I feel like those players on the Biggest Loser where they have no real explanation.  I stared at the scale for hours (well, 10 seconds anyway), expecting it to make that click down to at least even with where my loss was yesterday.

But, it's not and it is such a small number (in fact, it is just a number) that I am not going to be upset about it.  Just natural fluctuations in my body.  Listen, better than a pound a day loss during the first 2 weeks is much better than I anticipated going in.  No complaints, energy and optimism is still way up.

Also, it is a reminder that any fad diet is NOT ever going to be a way of life for me.  If you read over the book that was written for "17 Day Diet ", you will see a lifestyle potential for the diet.  Ways to deal with long term loss, and I honestly feel that if a morbidly obese person were willing to take the diet to heart, it is a very valid tool.  

I have shown a few recipes for main dishes, full meals.  Lots of vegetables (asparagus is in season right now, so I use a lot of that).  Chicken and fish abound!!!

But man does not live on chicken, fish, vegetables and fruit alone.


days you want a little snack, or to top a day off with a dessert...

So good, so fast, so easy...

Slice some strawberries and top with either flavored non (or low) fat yogurt (Strawberries and that Boston Cream Pie flavored yogurt is amazing).

In this case, half a container of low fat Greek yogurt, mixed with a squirt (probably a heaping TBS) of honey and you have your sweet tooth satisfied.

It's no chocolate chip cookie, but it is very tasty and satisfying.



  1. Eh, I wouldn't worry about it. sometimes weight can fluctuate by up to FIVE pounds just due to water retention. Not worth your thoughts!

    I love this simple dessert. Never fails to satisfy.

  2. I totally support you, so I'll keep the comments on that dessert to myself. :)

  3. Don't you just love Greek yogurt? It's a real winner in my book. Congratulations on the weight loss Dave.

  4. Great job on the loss Dave! And I love to add SF pancake syrup to my Greek yogurt - yum!

    Happy Monday!

  5. I'm going to have to read up on the diet... but I do know that strawberries and greek yogurt are mighty tasty!

    New to your blog! Happy I found you!

    Mary xo
    Delightful Bitefuls

  6. Wow, 15 lbs! That's great and now to be able to eat anything you want and still not gain weight, just take up Cajun dancing, cher! It works for me!