Monday, November 8, 2010

White Chocolate/Cointreau Pomegranate Sweethearts

I know that chocolate connoisseurs will scoff at this, but I like White chocolate.  I know that in fact, there is no cocoa solids, only cocoa butter in white chocolate, so many do not even consider it chocolate.  I don't care, I like it.

I also like to flavor it a bit.  I have trouble melting white chocolate.  It tends to clump, burn, just not work right.  But add a bit of cream to the chocolate and it melts just fine.  But you have the same taste.  Now, add a bit of Cointreau, that wonderful orange flavored liquor and you have an all new treat.

And top with some of those amazing arils (the seed sack with juice and a tangy seed inside) of a Pomegranate and you really have something.

Hearts are so easy to make with melted chocolate, two dots, take the back of a spoon and swirl each side down to a point and you have a heart.

Add the Arils (press them into the chocolate while it is still melted) and you have your Pomegranate White Chocolate/Cointreau Sweethearts.

Just that easy!

And an update...

After ten days, we have water, we have plumbing and we have granite countertops!

It was to be a one day project, but after 10 days, three plumbers, all is right!

Now this is a beautiful sight!



  1. I'm a white chocolate lover also. I love it way more than chocolate chocolate. And so I am SO going to have to try these!

  2. Hooray for running water!!!!

    And we are going to do BSI bi-weekly, especially with the holidays coming up - so your recipe needs to get to Jenn at Cooking Aweigh the Pounds by November 21.


  3. I am a dark chocolate fan but I love your creativity!

  4. I hope I can remember this when Valentines Day next comes around.