Sunday, November 14, 2010

I can MAKE my own MOZZARELLA !

It's party day!  Which means I will be spending my day slicing, dicing, baking, shining and generally having the time of my life.  Minor setback, as one of my guests has a business opportunity that is going to make her miss the event.  But, a party for 6 takes just as much work as a party for 8, so no real change in the prep.

I have spent the week with Pomegranates on my mind.  Pondering what you can do with them that would make my party stand out from the rest (as much fun as it is, it is ultimately a competition).

So, I have a plan for a new dish.  Something I haven't seen before during my internet searches.  But in order to make this dish work, I was going to need to real, fresh, no extras added mozzarella.  Definitely not the shredded stuff you buy in the bag and use on pizzas.

If you have never had the chance to visit an Italian restaurant and watched real mozzarella cheese made fresh tableside, you are missing a real culinary treat.  Here in Kansas City, there is a terrific place called Jasper's.  Second generation restaurant, classic Italian and is considered the best in town.  I have been to Jasper's several times, and never pass up the chance to have mozzarella prepared tableside.

I've seen it done before, now I just needed to give it a try.

And to save time... Chef Jasper himself did a video showing how it's done...

So, I have slicing a dicing to do, but take a look at the video and ponder what I could be doing with Pomegranates and mozzarella.  I'll tell tomorrow.

Here's some photos of what I did...

Only tricky part was to find cheese curds.  they're there.  Just do some calling to cheese and specialty shops (I actually found mine at Whole Foods).


  1. Cheese curds at Whole Foods??? That's good to know.

    Have a great day!

  2. Mmm sudden craving for cheese....

  3. As i scroll down, i keep getting distracted by the pics on the left hand side, I can just imagine how good that pork roast is.

  4. Gotta hand it to ya, cher, you are amazing! Very interesting video!

  5. Lov fresh mozzarella, it's something like nothing else. Haven't thought of it in ages, thnx

  6. i haven't even thought of fresh mozarella this side of the world. thank you for sharing.

    you've an award to pick from my blog. congrats!

    in the mean while that new york style cheese cake is beckoning me.

  7. Impressive!! I have never ever thought to tackle homemade mozzo!

  8. Gotta love Whole Foods. There is even one on Maui.

    Who knew making homemade mozzarella was so easy?? As for pomegranates - I have permanently red fingers from eating them. I make a lovely salad with pomegranate seeds. I found it in the Junior League of Seattle's cookbook and I make it for Christmas.

  9. With a little patience you can make cheese curds at home! It's not very complicated and very easy to do. I love fresh mozzarella, but living in Maui, you cannot find good cheese and I make it at home sometimes. I think I'll look at Whole Foods and see if they sell the curds there! Great post!

  10. I've been wanting to make my own mozzarella and ricotta too. Nice job, Dave.