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eRecipeCards is the Cat's Meow

It's been awhile since I have done an update about

We started just 6 short months ago, and a lot has happened.  So first, just in case you are new... 

The place for FOOD BLOGGERS to see and to be seen, Collecting RECIPES from the hardest working cooks, pleasing the hardest to please every day - Their Families. Great RECIPES, pleasing FOOD STYLING, answering the age old question... WHAT's FOR DINNER

Let's review...

We are many things... A Food Porn site, dedicated to food stylists and food photographers.  Well, we are that.  Our layout provides the largest photos of any of the portals showing off food bloggers' work. We make you look better.

But wait, we're more... We are the only "inclusive" site.  We have two rules for your submissions.  They must be original photos, nothing lifted from a magazine or book.  If you cooked it and you photographed it, we want to include your work.  As to the recipe, you must provide original commentary.  meaning, it's fine if you cooked something from a book, magazine or other bloggers work.  Just be sure to give proper credit and have any deserving links added to your blog post.  If you have a suggestion to improve something, if you did something different, just provide original content/commentary on what you did, why you did that and what you think.  That's it, meet those criteria and no one judges the quality of your work.  We want to include your work.

And links... We go nuts with links!  Your photos link to your webs page.  The title of your blog post links back to your web page.  And your Web user name links everything back to a special page we maintain on our site dedicated just to the recipes that you submit.  Remember that all inclusiveness we brag about.  We are the site that really shows off your body of work...  Your entire body of work!

Which is important because when you submit, 

we do the leg work to get you seen and noticed.

Did you ever wonder how Google decides which posts appear in which order.  Pretty easy really, Google keeps score.  Whenever your blog link appears, like when you submit a recipe to, Google makes a mark on their big giant scorecard.  Submit every day and everyday you get a mark.  And that's you that gets the mark, you and your blog.  It is not a magic bullet that will leapfrog you into "prairie Woman" status, but in a year, you will be way ahead of the blogger who faithfully posts everyday but never promotes.  I am learning many more tricks to SEO, but this is the simplest and in the long run, most effective.  I f people talk about you (and when you submit, we talk about you), Google takes notice.

Let us help Google to help you get found!  Make us a habit whenever you post something new (and remember, we are inclusive, submit your top ten, all the posts you are most proud of, and we will put them out there to be found).

We have an easy submission process which allows you to Name your post, Direct readers to the page in your blog and select the photo to appear with your recipe.  There is a page on our website providing a step by step "how to Submit" instructional page.  Just click the blue letters, or the green "submit button" to see the graphics heavy instruction page on how to get started.  It is very easy and hundreds of bloggers make us a habit.

"TAGS" are as important as your photos.  Actually, tags are more important. in the long run.  Each night, we submit your tags to Google (and other search engines) for Search Engine Optimization (SEO).  For a basic understanding, click the blue letters to see what Wikipedia has to say about SEO.  But basically, we link your post to whatever keywords or tags you attach to the submission.
So, be sure to not only list the name of the dish, but main ingredients as well.  Maybe the dish is perfect for a "PICNIC", list that as a tag.  How about " HOLIDAYS", but also list which one... "4th of July" or "Thanksgiving".  And if it's a "Thanksgiving" dish, I am guessing you could add "Christmas" to the tags as well.  Are you using "Sweet Potatoes", be sure and do a separate tag for "Potatoes".  "Cheddar Cheese", be sure and list "Cheddar" as well as "Cheese".

One word of caution, we do check.  So please be sure that each tag is relevant.  We want you to submit every relevant tag.  We will submit these to Google with your links.  More is More in this case.  BUT, use only relevant tags.

And separate each tag with a comma.

Especially if you are new, you may need help to get started.  We are here.  And more importantly, we will stay here to get you started and active.  Any questions... Any problems... Any way that we can help you to look good, we stand by.  Your questions will always be answered with in 24 hours, but usually within an hour.

Like any software, it can be frustrating to learn.  But like most software, our "system" is logical and makes sense.  You just have to understand the logic.  We are here to help you master the software!

800 Members
10,000 Recipes and Growing
2,500 Visitors a day
Are you a part???

Really incredible statistics... The one I am most thrilled about, 2,500 people a day use our search feature to help answer the age old question, "What's for Dinner?". Over Labor Day weekend, over 2,000 peoplesearched for "Grilling" or "BBQ". Of those searching, they open 7.2 pages (meaning they look at 7 of your blogs/recipes) before making a choice! WORKS. People are finding recipes. People are finding your blogs!

So now is the time to post your Thanksgiving menu ideas.  Have you been blogging for over a year or for many years?  If so, you must have a great Turkey idea (How to Brine, Stuffing vs Dressing, Frying smoking or oven roasted)... How about the best Sweet Potatoes, dinner rolls or an amazing Pecan Pie!

If so, share them with the world via eRecipeCards.  Let your older posts be an asset to drive traffic to your site.

Give us a try... You'll be thrilled with the results!!!

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